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Scholarship Recipients and Recently Funded Student Research

Undergraduate Scholarship Recipients - Academic Year 2016-2017

Undergraduate students recieved scholarship awards from Devon Energy, Geosciences Sigma Gamma Episilon, Alton Wade, Bell, Grover Murry, Yeats, Deskin Shurbet. Lubbock Gem & Mineral, HESS Leadership, Kincer, Heather Anderson and Hall Scholarship funds.

Aline Blasizzo Juan Garza
Elena Crowley-Ornelas Justin Roeder
Hannah Cunningham Markicia Horton
Trent Jackson Isaac Moody
Seth Martin Royce Massey
Robert Nelson Melody Zuniga
Joshua Newton Christopher Sims
Dan Olive Aaron Ausmus
Amanda Rivera Juan Ortega
Christian Spano Taylor Townes
Dalton Walker Bryce Lewis
Heather Williams Chelsi Miller
Alyson Moran Jared Thomas
Travis Brooks Damiloa Oyetunji
John Dunlap  

Graduate Student Scholarship Recipients - Academic Year 2016-2017

Kimberlee French, MS student (BS Castleton University, VT) - Geoscience Excellence Fund Scholarship

Travis Sparks, MS student (BS San Angelo State, TX) - Geoscience Excellence Fund Scholarship

Carla Eichler, PhD student (MS, UNLV, NV) - HESS Leadership Scholarship

Eric Friedman, MS student (BS Uni. Miami) - Geoscience Excellence Fund Scholarship

Rui Liu, PhD student (MS Florida State) - HESS Leadership Scholarship

Alden Netto, MS student, (BS, Uni. Northern Arizona) - QEP Scholarship

Jared Olafsson, MS student (BS, Texas Tech) - Geoscience Excellence Fund Scholarship

Audrey Pattat, MS student (BS, Tenn. Tech) - QEP Scholarship

Daniel Pike, MS student (Uni. Cincinnati) - QEP Scholarship

Siyu Ji, MS student (BS, Missouri Uni. Science & Technology) - HESS Leadership Scholarship

Student Research Projects

Annie Aaroe (Dr. F. Alton Wade and E A McCullough Fund recipient) U-Pb geochronology of exotic phases in NYF-pegmatites, Tysfjord Region, Norway.

Elyas Ainiwaer (Deskin Shurbet Scholarship recipient) Iterative Phase Filtering Using Tau-K Method Applied on Receiver Function.

Ethan Backus (Dr. F. Alton Wade and E A McCullough Fund recipient) Characterization of zoning in garnets from the Castner Marble of West Texas

Khaled Chowdhury (Alonzo D Jacka Scholarship recipient) Developing a 3-D basin subsidence model for the late Paleozoic Taos trough, northern New Mexico

Matt Fisher (E A McCullough Research Fund recipient) Round robin comparison of composition-based mineralogical studies of unconventional reservoirs.

Eric Freidman (Alonzo D Jacka Scholarship Fund recipient) Comparison of the siliciclastic content of ramp to rimmed carbonate slopes during relative sea level highstands.

Jill Garcia (George B Asquith Scholarship Fund recipient) Using fusulinid biostratigraphy to reconstruct the Pennsylvanian-early Permian structural history of the Midland and Palo Duro Basin

Danielle Keathley (Dr. F. Alton Wade and E A McCullough Fund recipient) Tectonic discrimination using mineral-based geochemical signatures for the Seiland Igneous Province of Northern Norway

Changjie Liu (George B Asquith Scholarship and E A McCullough Fund recipient) Global and site-specific isotope geochemistry of light hydrocarbons

Rui Liu (Alonzo D Jacka Scholarship Fund recipient) Crustal evolution investigation using dated detrital zircon grains in shales

Alden Netto (Deskin Shurbet Fund recipient) Geothermal heat flow and crustal structure analysis ofthe northeastern Gulf of Mexico

Angela Norman (Alonzo D Jacka Scholarship recipient) Investigating the provenance of Iceland's black volcanic sands: implications for sampling Mars regolith