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Geosciences Society

Geoscience Society is an academic organization focused on providing geoscience students the opportunity to interact with other students who share the same interest. This organization is open to any person who has an interest in geosciences, atmospheric sciences and geography and consists of both undergraduate and graduate students. We have numerous social and volunteer events throughout the year including tailgates, holiday parties, restaurant fundraisers, the Lubbock Pancake Festival, Ronald McDonald House and science days at the Texas Tech University Museum. Joining the club as an undergraduate is a great way to meet graduate students and interact with faculty in an informal setting. When it comes time to work on your senior research, the club will provide funding to any student who requests it. You may receive up to $300 provided you are a paying member, $15/year or $10/semester, and have four hours of community service for the year. This funding may go towards field research, lab work, or travel to academic conferences. We provide an additional $50 to students for graduate school applications. To learn more about our organization, please visit our facebook page at Texas Tech Geoscience Students.

Contact David Brannan at

American Association of Petroleum Geologists-AAPG

The AAPG chapter at TTU is a student run professional organization focused on providing guidance and opportunities for personal development and career placement in the oil and gas industry. This is accomplished by providing a community of people interested in the oil and gas industry, trips to AAPG scientific meetings and recruiting events, networking with oil and gas companies that come to TTU to recruit, and various events from science based field trips to social events like tailgating. The AAPG student chapter is also dedicated to participating in community service events such as the Lions’ Pancake Festival and adopt-a-highway cleanup. The AAPG student chapter also endorses and provides support for events, with cooperation of the Geoscience Society, that encourage a sense of community within the Geoscience Department from undergraduates to faculty, such as tailgates, BBQ/picnics, and most importantly the AAPG Chili Cook-off. Being a member of the AAPG student chapter is an important first-step in attaining an internship/career in the oil and gas industry. To join the AAPG student chapter you only have to be a member of AAPG, which is free for students supported by Chevron.

Please go to the AAPG website for more information:

Geoscience Leadership Organization for Women (GLOW)

Geoscience Leadership Organization for Women or GLOW is a new academic organization focused on promoting the involvement of women in the geosciences. This organization is open to any person who has an interest in geology, geophysics, atmospheric sciences, and geography and consists of both undergraduate and graduate students. We plan on having numerous volunteer and social events throughout the year that increase the exposure of STEM fields to young girls and encourage an open dialogue among students and faculty that focuses on women in the geosciences. Joining the club, as an undergraduate, is a great way to meet graduate students and interact with faculty in an informal setting, participate in career-focused lectures given by prominent scientists in the field, and become involved in the local community. Membership is $15/year or $10/semester.

To learn more about our organization, please email us at or Contact Katie Gates at

American Meteorological Society Student Chapter -AMS

The Texas Tech Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society is a society open to weather enthusiasts of all majors and backgrounds. Meeting monthly during the school year, our organization is active in the community as well as on campus. Our main mission is to promote science education in the fields of meteorology, atmospheric science, wind engineering, and other related science and engineering fields. In addition to this, we also actively promote severe weather preparedness for members of the surrounding community. Our biggest event of the year is the annual Severe Weather Awareness Day. Requiring months of planning and preparing, this event is made possible through partnerships with government agencies such as the Lubbock National Weather Service forecast office and private groups like the Science Spectrum, the American Red Cross, and local media outlets. Free to the public, this event attracts hundreds from the surrounding area, and offers both weather education exhibits and severe weather preparedness information. Our members consistently help to inform the public of ways to protect both life and property in the event of severe weather, as well as how the weather works and is forecast. In addition to Severe Weather Awareness Day, members engage in fundraising activities to allow our society to have social events, invite speakers from other institutions and private industry, and offer assistantships to members to attend the National AMS Annual Meeting. Undergraduate members are eligible to apply for funding to attend the Student Conference in an effort to help these promising young scientists to experience a true scientific conference, visit with potential graduate schools and employers, and interact with their peers from other institutions. In addition, graduate students are eligible to apply for funding to assist with costs associated with presenting original research material during the Professional Conference. To learn more about our organization, please visit our organization's page on Facebook.

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Gamma Theta Upsilon

GammaThetaUpsilonGamma Theta Upsilon (ΓΘΥ - GTU) is the international honor society for geography. Gamma Theta Upsilon was founded in 1928 and became a national organization in 1931. Texas Tech has been home to the Kappa Chi chapter for over 50 years, and continues a tradition of geographic excellence. Members of GTU have met strict academic requirements and share a background and interest in geography. GTU chapter activities support geography knowledge and awareness. Members are expected to uphold the highest levels of ethical and academic integrity. As leaders, they represent the future of the field of Geography. Undergraduate and graduate students with at least a 3.30 GPA (overall and in Geography) are eligible for nomination to membership. The induction ceremony is held every Spring. GTU members have access to a variety of scholarships, research funds, and publication opportunities. GIST students may also be eligible for membership.

For more information, feel free to visit or contact Jason Post, GTU Kappa Chi Chapter Advisor at .