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Geology and Geophysics Core Curriculum

Bachelors of Science in Geosciences - Geology Concentration

The geology concentration for the B.S. degree is designed to prepare the student for admission to a graduate program in geology and employment as a professional geologist. Each student must complete a senior research project (GEOL 4312) as part of the degree requirements. The minor must be in a field of science, mathematics, engineering, or an approved composite of courses from these fields. A well-prepared student should be able to complete the B.S. in Geosciences with a geology concentration with a minimum of 40 hours in geosciences, 18 hours in the minor, and 24 hours in mathematics and physical sciences. For other students, leveling courses may be required. The residency requirement for the major is 12 hours; for the minor, 6 hours.

Bachelors of Science in Geosciences - Geophysics Concentration

The Bachelor of Science degree allows students to prepare for employment as a professional geophysicist or enter a graduate program in geophysics, atmospheric sciences, or related areas. Unlike geology, the geophysics concentration includes only a Bachelor of Science and requires a minor in mathematics. The courses required for the geophysics concentration are GEOL 1303, 1101, 2401, 3401, 3402, 4101; either GEOL 4312 or ATMO 4312; GCH 3303; GPH 3300, 3310, 4321, 4323. Adjunct courses include CHEM 1307, 1107; PHYS 1408, 2401. The senior research project (GEOL 4312 or ATMO 4312) must be in a field related to geophysics or atmospheric sciences.

Bachelors of Arts in Geosciences

The geology program leading to the B.A. degree is designed to provide a broad liberal arts background and basic training in the principles of geosciences. The program is designed for students with strong interests in earth processes and the history of nature’s initiation of and response to continuous change. Students interested in professional employment or graduate degrees in geology should complete the B.S. degree program, not the B.A. The B.A. program with a concentration in geology requires GEOL 1303, 1101, 2401, 3401, 3402, 4101, 4312, and at least 15 hours of junior-senior level geosciences electives, 9 hours of which must include a laboratory. Adjunct requirements include MATH 1321, CHEM 1307, 1107, PHYS 1403. The minor may be in any area approved by the college.

Example Curricula for Geology Concentrations

2012-2013 B.S. in Geosciences Curriculum

2013-2014 B.S. in Geosciences Curriculum

2014-2015 B.S. in Geosciences Curriculum

Example Curricula for Geophysics Concentrations

2012-2013 B.S. in Geophysics Curriculum

2013-2014 B.S. in Geophysics Curriculum

2014-2015 B.S. in Geophysics Curriculum