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Advising for Current Student and the Application and Admissions Process

Callum Hetherington  Dr. Callum Hetherington
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Department of Geosciences, MS 1053,
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Information for current graduate students.
Frequently Asked Questions about the Graduate Program at Texas Tech
Funding and Scholarship Information
To apply to a Graduate Program in the Department of Geosciences
Academic Programs

Degrees Offered

Masters of Science in Geosciences
Ph.D. in Geosciences

The Geosciences Department offers a rigorous graduate program that leads to a Master of Science degree in both Geosciences and Atmospheric Sciences and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Geosciences. Master of Science (M.S.) degree candidates may specialize in areas within Geology, Geophysics, or Atmospheric Science. At the doctoral level, research emphasis may be placed in any of the following sub-disciplines overseen by the student's Graduate Committee:

Admission to the Graduate Degree Program is granted by the Dean of the Graduate School and is contingent upon acceptance by the Department of Geosciences. Within the Department, applications are considered by the Graduate Admissions Committee as well as by other Faculty members in the student’s areas of interest. Please note that the Department employs a holistic evaluation process and there are no minimum GRE or GPA scores required for admission. Of course, strong metrics are valued, but when considering applicants the Department also places great value on the quality and content of personal statements, your interactions with possible Faculty mentors, and especially the feedback we receive reference providers.

The Department makes every effort to provide financial support to as many graduate students as possible via Teaching and Research assistantships. There are also are various fellowships, grants and scholarships awarded to academically outstanding students.    

Applicants whose majors are in other sciences and engineering are encouraged to apply. In these cases, some “leveling” work in Geosciences, Math, Physics, and/or Chemistry may be required. The amount of leveling is determined according to the student’s background and career objectives. Such students should correspond early with the Graduate Advisor to clarify any questions.

Should you wish any additional information, you are encouraged to contact the Chairperson of the Department, the Graduate Advisor, or a member of the faculty in your area of interest. (Please provide an appropriate subject heading when corresponding by email.)

Best wishes in your graduate career!

To begin the application process

Please review the instructions and guidelines described on the Department of Geoscience Admissions webpage for applicant-specific information.