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Graduate Admissions and Advising

  Gary Elbow
Office: 216 Holden Hall, 210 McClellan Hall
Phone: (806) 834-0354
Fax: (806) 742-0100

Department of Geosciences, MS 1053,
Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX 79409-1053
Advising Hours 216 Holden Hall: MWF 9-9:45
210 McClellan Hall: MWF 11-12, TuTh 9-10, and Tu 1:30-3:00
Academic Programs

Degrees Offered

Graduate Certificate in GIScience and Technology
Masters of Science in Geography
Ph.D. in Geosciences - Geography

The Geosciences Department offers a rigorous graduate program that leads to a Master of Science (M.S.) in Geography degree. and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Geosciences. Master of Science (M.S.) degree candidates may specialize in areas within Physical, Human, Regional Geography or GIS. At the doctoral level, research emphasis may be placed in any of the following sub-disciplines overseen by the student's Graduate Committee:

Admission to the Graduate Degree Program is granted by the Dean of the Graduate School and is contingent upon acceptance by the Geography group within the Department of Geosciences. Within the Department, applications are considered by the Graduate Admissions Committee as well as by other Faculty members in the student’s areas of interest. Applications must include the application form, a letter of intent (200-300 words), your general GRE score, and an official copy of your transcripts. It is advised that your application be complete (verified by an email from the graduate advisor) at least six months before your intended start date.

Applicants whose previous majors are in other disciplines are encouraged to apply. In these cases, some “leveling” work in Geography may be required. The amount of leveling is determined according to the student’s background and career objectives. Such students should correspond with the Graduate Advisor to clarify any questions.


How to apply to the graduate program?

    1. It is strongly recommended that you ntroduce yourself via email to the Graduate Advisor ( to learn more about the opportunities and programs in Geography offered at Texas Tech.
    2. Contact individual faculty members with whom you may be interested in conducting research.
    3. To learn more about the preparation and submission of an application package to the program (MS or PhD) please visit this web-site.


    Fall Admission: Complete applications should be received by 15 March for admission the subsequent Fall semester.
    Spring Admission: Compete applications should be received by 15 October for admission the subsequent Spring semester.