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Dr. Johannes Dahl

  Assistant Professor, Atmospheric Science
Office: 1215 Media and Communication
Phone: (806) 834-6197
Fax: (806) 742-1738

Department of Geosciences, Atmospheric Science Group, Texas Tech University, Box 41053, Lubbock, TX 79409-1053
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  • M.Sc. Atmospheric Science, Meteorological Institute, Free University of Berlin, Germany, 2007
  • Ph.D. Atmospheric Science,  Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, Germany, 2010


  • Dynamics of convective storms
  • Supercells and tornadoes
  • Cloud-scale numerical modeling

My group studies the dynamics of convective storms, especially near-ground processes in supercells, including tornadogenesis. One of the main questions concerns the source of rotation in tournadoes. Is it generated within the storm or is it imported from the environment of the storm? To tackle these questions, we use a mix of idealized numerical simulations, theory, and mobile observational platforms such as the TTU Ka-band radars.

For more information about my research, see my website.


  • ATMO 1300 - Introduction to Atmospheric Science
  • ATMO 5428 - Synoptic and Mesoscale Dynamics