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Atmospheric Science

Research in Instrumentation and Data Analysis


Texas Tech University has had a focus on developing new atmospheric observing technologies and techniques for almost two decades.  Most recently, those developments inclulde an adaptable rapidly-deployable array of StickNet platforms, the TTU Ka-band mobile Doppler radars, and an expanding West Texas Mesonet.  These are used to execute a variety of research focused on convective initiation, model sensitivity, severe storms, hurricanes and wind energy.


Dr. John Schroeder, Wind flow and boundary layer structure in hurricanes and thunderstorm outflows, meso- and micro-scale observational networks, wind engineering, statistical and time series anaysis

Dr. Chris Weiss, Convection initiation, dryline dynamics, supecell structure, tornadogenesis

Research Facilities

StickNet observational platforms, the TTU Ka-band mobile Doppler radars, the West Texas Mesonet, a 200 meter instrumented tower and a boundary layer wind profiler.  There is also the Measurement and Analysis Lab and the Research Instrumentation Lab.

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