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Research in Wind Power Meteorology

Fluvana Wind Turbines

The layer between about 50 and 200 meters above ground level is the focus of Wind Power Meteorology.  At Texas Tech, we are investigating the characteristics of spatial and temporal variations of the wind field in the low levels of the atmosphere under various weather regimes such as severe thunderstorms, hurricances, and clear skies.

In addition, ensemble numerical weather prediction techniques are being studied toward improved probabilistic prediction of features such as wind ramps that are associated with critical aspects of the skill of power forecasts.


Dr. Song-Lak Kang, Atmospheric boundary layer processes, mesoscale models used in wind power forecasting

Dr. Brian Ancell, Numerical weather prediction, data assimilation, severe storms, wind power forecasting, adjoint and ensemble forecast sensitivity

Research Facilities

Modeling efforts may be supported through the High Performance Computing Center.  A 200 meter meteorological tower collects data at ten levels.

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