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Researchers in geochemistry in the Department of Geosciences is diverse and occurs across a spectrum of related disciplines. In the department you will find ongoing research in experimental aqueous geochemistry, the geochemical evolution of igneous and metamorphic systems, stable isotopic studies of vertebrate and invertebrate fossils, and the application of geochemical analysis to understanding of water-rock interactions in aquifers.

There are three broadly defined research groups in the department, for which more information can be found at the follow links:


Dr. Cal Barnes, petrology and geochemistry of igneous and metamorphic rocks.

Dr. Melanie Barnes, application of LA-ICP-MS to Earth material.s

Dr. Callum Hetherington, mineralogy, geochemistry, and micro-analytical study of igneous and metamorphic rocks.

Dr. Juske Horita, stable isotope geochemistry.

Dr. Hal Karlsson, stable isotope geochemistry.

Dr. Moira Ridley, aqueous geochemistry.

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