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Research in Environmental Science

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Environmental science is a broad area of research that explores how humans interact with their environment. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the subject, research in environmental science cuts across traditional academic disciplines to include faculty and students in geography, geology and atmospheric science - working closely with other departments and research units on campus.

Within the geography program, research in environmental science includes urban and agricultural land use and land cover change, the human dimensions of climate change, the role of human acivity in the generation of dust storms and the impact impact of groundwater depletion on agriculture.

Other areas of related department research include:


Dr. Guofeng Cao, applications of GIS and spatial statistics in environmental science.

Dr. Perry Carter, environmental justice as it relates to race and poverty in different communities.

Dr. Jeff Lee, the relative role of climate and human activity on the generation of dust storms.

Dr. Kevin Mulligan, agricultural land use and land cover change related to groundwater depletion.

Research Affiliates

Lucia Barbato, geodatabase design and applications of GIS in land and natural resource management.

Linda Jones, technology and the human landscape.

Research and Teaching Facilities