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Research in GIScience and Technology

GIS Layers

Department expertise in GIScience includes geodatabase design and application development, cartography and Internet maaping, global positioning, spatial modeling, the analysis of location-based social media and applications of high-performance comouting cycberinfrastructure.

 Department research involves the application of formal (mathematical and computational), visual and geospatial techniques (e.g., GIS, GPS and remote sensing ) to spatio-temporal aspects of theoretical and methodological problems within the areas of environmental science and engineering, public health, urban dynamics, petroleum engineering, and quantitative methodology.

Current research topics include representation and modeling of spatiotemporal changes/dynamics, location-based social media data analysis, heterogeneous spatiotemporal data fusion, spatial cognition, and applications of extremely high performance computing cyberinfrastructure (e.g. XSEDE) to addressing the computing challenges of these research topics when facing 'big' spatiotemporal problems.



Dr. Guofeng Cao, applications of GIScience to spatio-temporal aspects of theoretical and methodological problems.

Dr. Kevin Mulligan, geodatabase development and applications of GIS in physical geograhy and environmental science.

Faculty Collaborators

Dr. David Leverington (geology), applications of remote sensing to the study of landforms on the Moon, Venus and Mars.

Dr. Seiichi Nagihara (geology), applications of LiDAR to the study of arid landforms, GIS.

Research Affiliates

Lucia Barbato, geodatabase design and applications of GIS in land and natural resource management.

Research and Teaching Facilities